Shebara Naoko

Welcome to Kyoshi Akitas.  Established 1988, affix registered with the Kennel Club 1990.


Kyoshi Akitas are owned, shown and bred, and have been for the last 25 years by me; Karyn Fowkes.


My Akitas have enjoyed continuous success both in the Show Ring and in the home as fantastic pets all thanks to my fabulous foundation bitch, Shebara Naoko. 

A small kennel that specialises in quality and not quantity, I only breed when I am looking for a puppy for myself, prior to 2008, I had not bought in any Akitas.  Recently I have introduced Akitas from well established and respected kennels, incorporating the best breed lines from the UK, Spain and America.


As can be seen from this photo, I breed for temperament first and foremost.


In this picture we have 2 dogs and 4 bitches, plus my daughter aged 14 months old.


 Family Kyoshi 2001
Left to Right: My daughter, Olivia; Kyoshi Bewitched (Tabs)(B); Kyoshi King Arthur (Arthur)(D); Kyoshi Bedazzled (Cleo)(B); Shebara Naoko (Oko)(B) lying down; Kyoshi Ice Dancer (Nutty)(B); Kyoshi Apollo (Apollo)(D) lying down.